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What is a transmission?

The transmission is a mechanical component designed to transmit power from a vehicle's engine to the drive axle, which makes the wheels drive the vehicle. By varying the gear ratio, the transmission alters the levels of power and speed to the wheels.


For example, in low ranges, the transmission provides more power and less speed; in high ranges, the opposite is true. This reduces the load on the engine, while increasing the vehicle's speed and fuel economy.


Some vehicles use a clutch to connect and disconnect the transmission to the engine, controlled through a foot pedal next to the brake pedal. These vehicles have a manual transmission. If your car doesn't have a clutch pedal, it has an automatic transmission.  

Top 7 Symptoms of a Bad Transmission:

1. Whining & Clunking 

When your vehicle begins making unfamiliar noises it is imperative to bring it in. Hearing a humming or buzzing noise could mean further damage so bring it in to get it checked out as soon as possible.

2. Lack of Response

Transmissions are designed to switch gear instantaneously so when there is a delayed response or lack there of, it is time to bring it in for a diagnosis.

3. Burning Smell
Smelling something burning from your vehicle is never a good sign and can often mean a number of things. Something that is quite common is the overheating of transmission fluid. Again, this would be a case where it would be imperative to bring it in for a proper diagnosis. 

4. Leaking Fluid
Leaking fluid is one of the most common ways to detect something is out of sorts. If you detect a leak always bring your vehicle in for a proper diagnosis. 

5. Grinding Gears
For automatic transmissions, a rough shift rather than an unnoticeable one could be caused by a few things. Bring it in to diagnose.

6. Noisy in Neutral
 If you continue to hear noises coming from your transmission while it’s in neutral, bring it in to see what’s going.

7. Dashboard Lights
Signs on your dashboard could mean all sorts of things and should definitely not be ignored. There are sensors placed throughout your vehicle's engine that can pick up the slightest of problems. Don’t procrastinate when you see this, bring your car in to get it inspected as soon as you can.

What We Do:

Here at Cross Creek Auto Service we offer Automatic Transmission Rebuild. It is not just a repair but an overall rebuild of your automatic transmission where the defective components are being replaced.


A transmission rebuild is an extensive process with intensive labor. You want to be sure you have someone who knows what they are doing and you will find that here at Cross Creek Auto Service.


We take great pride in specializing in automatic transmission rebuilds for all vehicle makes and models.


Every vehicle is different in overall design, mileage, and damage, etc. Therefore, every estimate is different according to all types of factors.


Contact us for more information regarding your automatic transmission concerns.  

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